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5 Benefits To Choose Apartments Near Technopark

Posted on: 28 Jul 2020

Technopark is one of the major IT hubs in Kerala, and there are numerous benefits to choosing an apartment near it. If you are looking for flats in Trivandrum, it is best to live near the thriving IT hub due to many benefits. Let us look into the major benefits of investing in an apartment near Technopark.

Social Facilities

Living near Technopark lets you access all the important social and civic amenities with ease. You will have easy feasibility for some of the leading educational, medical, and entertainment establishments in Trivandrum. The upcoming Lulu mall is just a few kilometers away, and major hospitals like Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Cosmopolitan Hospital, and  Government Medical College, Trivandrum, are all in close proximity to the Technopark. Popular educational institutions like Government Dental College and Trivandrum Medical College are close as well.

Tranquil Atmosphere

Even though Technopark is located in close proximity to Trivandrum city and all the important landmarks, the area is notably calm and serene. If you are looking for a flat for rent in Trivandrum, you should definitely choose one near the Technopark because, apart from the above-mentioned benefits, you can live a peaceful life undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the city at the same time enjoying all its benefits.

Proximity to Important Locations

Technopark has high proximity to all important social amenities making the location incomparable to other places in Trivandrum. The Trivandrum International Airport is just a 20-minute drive from Technopark. The airport has direct connections to the Middle-East, Singapore, Colombo, and the Maldives. Moreover, you can reach major hubs of Trivandrum like Kowdiar, Pattom, Sasthamangalam, Thampanoor, Kazhakoottam, etc. easily by road. Trivandrum railway station and Thampanoor bus terminus are only a few kilometers away. 

Value Appreciation

As we have seen so far, there are multiple benefits for investing near Technopark, and value appreciation is one of the most important of them. Primarily due to the IT hub itself, and the rapid development, the area has seen a steady increase in property value. Thus, it would be a wise choice to buy an apartment near the IT park.

Variety of Apartment Projects

Being one of the most prominent IT hubs in the state, Technopark has led to immense development around it. The myriad job opportunities offered by the Technopark have resulted in huge demand for living spaces and have resulted in rapid infrastructure development, with numerous flats in Trivandrum coming up in the area. Thus, you may choose an apartment according to your requirements.