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May the spirit of November usher in a new era of creation

Posted on: 09 Nov 2016

November has arrived and winter is in the air. Hopefully , this weather will continue over a month of the next year also. The home office personal will be extra busy this month as we make preparation to plan new horizons for the 2016. Every department will be utilizing any available time to clean, organize and refresh their files and equipment for the move.

The month of December will be somewhat hectic. The marketing department, however, has a fully loaded calendar of proposal to accelerate during this month. There would be fresh entrances and morning designating fresh ideas. Our other area of expertise Hospitality are all set forth on the dais of expansion holding beside the principles of commitment, and dedication to the core.

The phones and e-mails will be checked frequently for customer queries. These should be in good working order. We ask our field personnel to make use of all possible resources for error- free communications.

It is a belief that the almighty will shower blesses upon everyone in our community to perform the best of their part for the years to come. We are hoping this will be a smooth and successful transition, and that everyone will keep our ‘Commune of Love’ to the top priority.

Dr Mathai PV – Chairman, Olive