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Monsoon Care Tips for Your Apartment

Posted on: 26 Aug 2020

Melodious Rain outside your apartments in Kottayam and a hot cup of coffee is a perfect combination of the monsoon season. Watching rain from your balcony is one of the most delightful experiences! But sometimes, the heavy and endless rain is threatening to most of the homeowners in Kerala. If you own a flat in Kottayam, you might be feared of the previous deadly incidents the monsoon brought.

Better safe than sorry

Take necessary precautions before monsoon. It is always better to have a safe home feeling during monsoon. Do you know how much harm these beautiful crystal drops outside your apartment can cause? Let us check how we can tackle monsoon worries related to your apartment.

Start from the door: Possibility for a slippery floor is higher during the rainy season. Make sure that the floors are not wet by the winds. Try not to bring wet umbrellas and raincoats inside home. Attach a stand outside for keeping wet umbrellas and raincoats. Dry your legs and avoid entering the apartment. 

Keep Alternate carpets and rugs: You can find alternatives for your costly and easily damaging carpets and rugs during monsoon because it is prone to get wet all the time as it is the rainy season. Better avoid slippery carpets. Cotton carpets can help you more to wipe out water effortlessly.

Varnish Doors and windows: You might find it little difficult to close windows and doors as it gets inflamed due to heavy rain. Also there is a chance for moulds and fungus to find their abode in your doors and windows. Varnishing it before the season can help you to keep out the mould that may thrive on the doors and windows. Waterproof the exterior walls and roof as a preventive measure for the prolonged exposure to moisture.

For fungus-free furniture: Most of Keralites would prefer to have wooden furniture for their apartments as it yields to the aesthetic sense. Fungus and moulds can survive on your favourite furniture at home. Prevent microorganisms that cause allergy by a few single tips. As mentioned before try to varnish it before the season. Use a clean and dry duster to wipe them out. Do it regularly and prevent them from settling for long. Relocate your furniture to a dry area to avoid the occurrence of mould and fungi.

Curtains and Clothes: It is important to give necessary attention to clothes and curtains during the season. There is a higher chance that these can create an unpleasant smell inside your apartment. Humidity and moisture rate often increases due to monsoon showers. Keep drying your clothes and curtain when the weather gets sunny. Use deodorants for freshness and good odour. Cross-ventilation will keep humidity level within the home. Keep your windows closed when it rains outside.

Extra care for Electronics: Monsoon is a hard time for electronic equipment regarding performance and life. Ensure the safety of your electronics and lessen the condensation and excessive moisture in the environment. You can either use a dehumidifier to ensure optimum moisture or take precautions of your own to avoid damage. Use electric tapes for open sockets and prevent moisture from penetrating the sockets because the surface of electronics is prone to corrosion in high humidity.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy the dense clouds gathered in the sky, without monsoon related worries inside you!